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Buy us a coffee ☕️

Phonemica is paid for entirely out of pocket. Since launching in 2011, we have been covering hosting fees including base hosting and regular backups, domain costs, and the costs of various salons and other activities.

We do not make any money off of the project. It is entirely a labour of love.

Since the very first say we started discussing the project, we decided that under no circumstances would we ever sell adds nor would be ever charge for access.

An open internet is an internet that benefits all. We are very strong believers in open access.

That said, it's not free for us. So while we will continue to provide the site for free, we also won't complain if you decided to thank us with a cup of coffee.

For that reason, we offer a few options to send us a few yuan if you find yourself wanting to do so.

Why crypto?

Alipay was our previous choice, but recently given the strength of cryptocurrencies and their popularity on a global scale, we've decided to make the shift.

To make things easier, we've chosen currencies that have a good global presence, and then also Ada just because we think it's neat.

We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ada (Cardano).


coming soon

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