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其实.我是香香 1991 m

陇西话版《再别康桥》 2013/10/11

language variety: 秦晉片 Qínjìn中原官話 Zhōngyuán官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 陇西县 Lǒngxīxiàn定西市 Dìngxī City甘肃省 Gānsù

uploaded by: kellen 2013/10/11

Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Quietly I wave good-bye To the rosy clouds in the western sky.
The golden willows by the riverside Are young brides in the setting sun
Their reflections on the shimmering waves. Always linger in the depth of my heart.
The floatingheart growing in the sludge.Sways leisurely under the water;
In the gentle waves of Cambridge, I would be a water plant!
That pool under the shade of elm trees,Holds not water but the rainbow from the sky;
Shattered to pieces among the duckweeds.Is the sediment of a rainbow-like dream?
To seek a dream? Just to pole a boat upstream. To where the green grass is more verdant;. Or to have the boat fully loaded with starlight.And sing aloud in the splendour of starlight.
But I cannot sing aloud. Quietness is my farewell music. Even summer insects heep silence for me,Silent is Cambridge tonight!
Very quietly I take my leave, As quietly as I came here; Gently I flick my sleeves, Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.


very good.

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