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洁琼 1988 f

余姚的一个故事 2013/07/13

language variety: 臨紹小片 Línshào太湖片 Tàihú吳語 Wú漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 余姚市 Yúyáo City宁波市 Níngbō City浙江省 Zhèjiāng

uploaded by: kellen 2013/07/13

大家好 我是来自余姚的管洁琼 今天在这里给大家讲一个故事
Hello,everyone.I am Guan Jieqiong from Yuyao.Today I am going to share a story with you.
小时候的故事 那时我刚刚读小学五六年级的样子
The story took place when I was a child.I was in Grade five or six at that time.
所以打算 双休日嘛 和几个朋友一起去玩 有一个朋友他家里有一辆三轮车
It was a weekend and I planned to go out with my friends.One of my friends had a tricycle in his home.
And we thought it would be fun to ride it.
I had never ridden a tricycle before and I wanted to have a try.They all approved of this idea...
认为应该没什么问题的 那他们坐在后面 我一个女孩子在前面骑
and didn’t expect that things would go wrong.The guys sat behind on the tricycle while I,a girl, was riding it.
刚开始的时候 我骑得很狂妄 骑得很快 真的是很威风的感觉
At first,I felt extremly good and I rode very fast with complacency.
当时是在马路上 旁边就是一条河 河边有树 后来越骑越快
We were on the road then.There was a river next to the road and there were trees by the riverside.Then I rode faster and faster...
感觉三轮车有点失控了 我方向把不住了 朝着河里冲下去了 噌噌噌 冲下去了
...until I felt the tricycle was out of control.I could hardly make a turn with handlebars.So it rashed into the river with the sound of”Ceng!Ceng!Ceng!”
那我吓死了 嘭 跳开 跳到一棵树上 一下子抱住
I was so frightened that I jumped off towards a tree and hold tight of the trunk.
那么好了 三轮车直接冲到河里去了 车上的另外四个人全部到河里去了
Well...Of course the tricycle rashed into the river with four other guys on it.
全部变成落汤鸡 像笨鸭子一样了嘛 那他们骂我这么没良心的 我抱着树笑笑
They all got soaked through like dumb ducklings.And they cursed me for my heartlessness.I giggled with hands holding the tree.
那路边一个奶奶看到了 说这个小姑娘倒是
A nanny by the road saw all this and she said this girl ...
反应这么快的啊 这就是我小时候的故事 你们有听懂吗? as nimble as a squirrel.This is my childhood story.Do you understand it?



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