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铁青苔 1994 f

黄石市的一个故事 2013/10/24

language variety: 黃孝片 Huángxiào江淮官話 Jiānghuái官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 黄石市 Huángshí City湖北省 Húběi

uploaded by: kellen 2013/10/24

When I was a child,I lived with my grandma in a place called Baguazui.
And I was fat and I love eating very much.
Then my neighbour wrote a jingle for me
ChengMengzhang,crying badly when she is hungry.
My old neighbour treated me kindly and he often told story to me.
There exists a river in my hometown called “MuYang River”
Both side of the river had residents.
People in both side feed fish in the river, so they quarrelled about that,
So how to solve the problem?Then the magistrate said that:
Then the “MoYang River”changed to “MuYang River”
Now I study in Guangzhou and through this story I want to tell my grandma:
I miss you deeply, and we seldom meet at ordinary time, I will visit you in Spring Festival.



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