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陈汉斯 1992 m

梅城话里的两三个小门道 2014/03/03

language variety: 臨紹小片 Línshào太湖片 Tàihú吳語 Wú漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 梅城镇 Méichéngzhèn建德市 Jiàndé City杭州市 Hángzhōu City浙江省 Zhèjiāng

uploaded by: admin 2014/03/03

me11 ger11 di53 fang55 ge55 ba53 vo24 do11 fan53 in55 ler24 me11 ger24 di53 fang55 sen24 fo24 fang55 siit5。
The language always mirrors the local life.
iu11 san24 sii55 ge55 fan53 in55 liau53 si11 ge24 sii11 gok5 ge55 si55 ge55 ,iu11 xie24 dong5 shi11 ne33 ,it2 sa11 la24 bin33 za5 not5 zak2 ha24 ka11
Some are telling the historical stories, while some are about everyday life.
pi11 i24 go11,a11 la24 su11 ger55 den55 o53 go33 ba24 den11,ie55 io11 mau33 mau24 den11。a11 la24 iu55 ngo55 guen24,o53 bu53 lau11 guet2
For instance, we have Domino Stool, and Mini Stool. We also have “emergency pot”.
We call bats "lamp-oil stealers" and a thief "thief bone"
We call a slow coach "lice finder", or "working for foreigners".
When I was a child, I heard many a doggerel, as well as dirty words.
For example, there is a doggerel saying a big guy falls over, he reaches the southern end of the town.
He size is large enough to cover the distance between the northern end and the southern end.
And the Anti-Japanese-Fascist War and the Civil War have much to do with our language.
We will take it a very dirty way to call someone’s parents Japanee.
There is also words to make fun of Chiang Kai Shek.



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