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老干部 1983 m

阜宁县的一個故事 2014/03/30

language variety: 洪巢片 Hóngcháo江淮官話 Jiānghuái官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 阜宁县 Fùníngxiàn盐城市 Yánchéng City江苏省 Jiāngsū

uploaded by: yuloucn 2014/03/30

da21 ga55 ho21,ng21 sii55 jiang53 su24 fu21 nin55 len24, ng24 so55 di55 fang53 ien24 ne55, sii33 su55 i33 jiang53 hue24 gu53 hua24 le55
Hello, everyone. I come from Funing, Jiangsu Province. My dialect belongs to Jianghuai Mandarin.
nga53 zuk5 zai55 hue33 u55 vi55 sang21 deng21,go53 zu33 ong33 zo3 xi33 le55 lu55 vi33 fua55 le21,xi33 xie55 nung55 xiu33 xiu55 ho33 le21,xiuk5 pin21
I live by the Huaihe River. This morning I went to a country town nearby to buy chemical fertilizer. Now the road is well mended, it’s very flat.
I rode on my bike, it took me a short time arriving at the old bus station. At that time, a stranger happened to ask me for directions. Whoops! The guy nagging.
te24 a55 e53 dem53 ho53 cang24 sii21 jien24,qiu24 mer33 ba53 fa55 ga53 cung53 lna24 ler55
It took me quite a long time (helping him find the way). Due to this, I couldn’t back home to have lunch.



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